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ERB2 - Electronic Rotating Beacon - SF

Mounting instruction


By buying the Electronic Rotating Beacon - SF (ERB2-SF) you choose a high innovative product that helps to make the airspace a saver place.

An Airworthiness Application for "Falke SF25" from Scheibe Aircraft is accomplished.

The new LED-technology enables an extrem brillant red light and this by only 10% of the power consumption of conventional ACLs.

The ERB2 is cast in a high-optic scratch-resistant plastic module and therefore it is extremely resistant to water, vibrations and other environmental influences.
The luminous efficiency is many times higher compared to conventional light bulbs. The self heating of the LEDs is very low and the heat balance is internal controlled.
The ERB2-SF is designed for fuselage or tail installation. The light angle complies with general aviation requirements.

For easy connection, the ERB2 is already provided with a 1,5mm² two-wire-cable. It can be installed on the fuselage or tail by its flange footing and some additinal silicone.
A detailed installation instruction and shrinking tubes are included.

Mounting instruction

Mounting-Instruction - ERB-SF

WiringDiagram - EPL

Technical Specifications

Label Description
Color red
Operating voltage 10 - 17 volts D. C., typically: 12.8 - 13.4 volts (on board power supply)
Wattage approx. 25 watts
Diameter approx. 44 mm
Height approx. 55 mm
Diameter-Flansch approx. 63.5 mm
Weight approx. 125 g incl. connecting cables
Warranty 5,000 operating hours or max. 3 years