Thiesen Electronics GmbH - Pioneer of LED-Aircraft Lights!

On account of its forward-looking construction, our „Electronic Position Lights“ are totally water and saltwater resistant and ideal for water planes like this with our EPLs equipped Seabee.

The Seabee is an iconic post war amphibious aircraft. 1060 Seabees were manufactured from 1945 to 1947 by Republic Avioation Co. in the US. An unknown number have later been built from parts.

The different Seabee versions vary in wingspan from 11.3 metres to 13.7 metres, are 9.3 metres long and have four seats.

The Seabee aircraft versions were mororized by Franklin engines ranging from 215 hp to 295 hp with Lycoming engines.

The Seabee gained back some of its popularity through the James Bond movie „The Man with the Golden Gun“.

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