the free of cost Web-Flight-Reservation-System for Flight Clubs by Thiesen-Electronics


The Program

With FlyRes every club-member is able to see which aircraft is available or respectively reserved and for what purpose such as maintenance, annual check a.s.o.

Furthermore it provides the possibility to email notifications and other informations regarding e.g. schedule changes or cancellations.

In addition an extra administrator can be registered for every aircraft. These administrators are entitled to alter reservations and do cancellations.

Monthly Overview

With the monthly overview one can see at a glance the entries that have already been made.

Day View

When switching to the day view one can have a closer look at the entries of a certain day.


As a safety measure and in order to give you free access to our domain we ask you to provide us your contact details. As soon as we have your details your exclusive admission will be installed.

In case of problems, questions or new ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch with

Your Club-Logo

As a special service we offer you to insert your club-logo to your FlyRes site.

Just send it to along with a description or sketch where and how you would like to see it.


The Online-Live-Demo gives you a first impression of the program but without email option.