As worlds first we integrated a FLARM-Interface in an anti collision light for motorized aircrafts in order to increase the visibility and therefore the safety in the airspace.

The by the Power-FLARM unit provided signals increase the light pulses of the ACL/ERB and therefore the attentiveness rises.

When the FLARM-device detects the collision course with another aircraft, the FLARM-interface rises the flashing of the connected ACL from 40 light flashes / minute to 80 flashes.

When the distance between the aircrafts further decreases, the lightning increases to 160 flashes and up to a jitter in the highest FLARM alert level.

Flight safety

When being on a threatening colliding course with another aircraft, the increasing light flashes rise the particular attentiveness of your aircraft and this way an imminent collision can be avoided.

Our LED lights with integrated FLARM-Interface