Lasercutted adapter for quick and easy conversion from xenon flashes to Thiesen EPTA-LSA, EPTA-NG and EPL LED-lights

Our customer Horst-Jürgen Schnatmeyer created a 2 mm aluminium plate adapter for a quick and easy conversion to Thiesen LED-lights.

With this adapter the old xenon-flash mounting holes will be covered and at the same time the new ones for the Thiesen LED-lights provided.

This adapter is available as bare aluminium or with a white powder coating from

Here you can see the white powder coated version of the adapter. In the center is the M4 inside thread drill hole for the EPTA-LSA/EPTA-NG i.e. EPL.

Also to be seen are the three through hole counter sunk drillings to mount the adapter to the old screw holes in the wing tip.

Mounting the EPTA-LSA/EPTA-NG

Installation of the EPTA-LSA/EPTA-NG (bottom view and top view) to the adapter with a stainless M4 countersunk screw.

Dismantling the old Nav-Lights

After the dismantling visible opening in the wing-tip. These will be covered by the adapter. In order to prevent water from entering into the wing-tip, we suggest to apply some good not shrinkable silicone onto the mountig area.


Mounting the Conversion Adapter

If possible mount the adapter with the original flash screws. Make sure the screwheads do not overtop the counter sunks of the adapter and shape protruding silicone at the edge.


Installation of the EPTA-LSA/EPTA-NG

To prevent water from entering the wing-tip and to fix the LED-light, silicone should be applied to the underside of the light as well.

Remove protruded silicone or shape it at the seam.

Weight reduction

The dismantled Nav/Flash on the scales.

Dismantled weight: 1,8kg !