TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the 'New Generation'
  • TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the 'New Generation'
  • TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the 'New Generation'

TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the 'New Generation'


TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the 'New Generation'



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TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the 'New Generation'

with ‘Intelligent Synchronization’ and ACL-Function

This tail light for aircraft (NON-TSO’d) is designed to be mounted at the tail unit or at the rudder, provided a shaped cone is present (as is present for the standard Grimes type incandescent tail light).

The new LED technology allows a very brilliant, white light with using approx. 10% of the input power compared when compared to conventional navigation lights. They are cast in a high-optical plastic making the TL-NG absolutely impervious to water, vibrations and other environmental influences. The efficiency of the output is much higher than with conventional electric light bulbs. The heat produce by the TL is very low and thus will not reach a level that will damage itself. However, as with all our light system, to avoid overheating the heat balance is controlled electronically.

The TL-NG is made of a high-optic, scratch-resistant plastic module. The entire control elements are integrated in the TL-NG whereby the light’s dimensions determine the required space.

The Tail Light emits an extremely brilliant white light and can be switched to the more distinguishable Anti Collision flash Light mode. It has a defined angle of light of 140° in compliance with the regulations of general aviation.

The Tail Light is provided with a high-grade Teflon-insulation pre-wiring to allow easy connection to a 4-lead cable of two 0.25 mm² (AWG23) and two 0.75 mm² (AWG19) cross section. Flanges allow a simple fixture. In addition, it can be affixed to the fuselage or tail fin by means of a silicone adhesive.

An instruction manual and the shrink tubings required for the assembly are included in the Tail Light package.

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Data sheet

Bright white light
Operation voltage
10 - 17 Volts (DC), typically: 12.8 - 13.4 Volts (on-board power supply)
5 Watts (approx.), 1 Amp. peak current
52.6 x 42 x 21.5 mm (L x W x H)
approx. 28 Grams including cables
Drill hole
4.5 mm
5.000 operating hours or max. 3 years from date of purchase